The main goal of the Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology (OPAKFI, founded in 1933) is to promote scientific and technical progress in its fields, scientific activity, its social utilization, dissemination of knowledge, education and further training.

The Society has supported the work of governmental organizations in many cases with its scientific and technical consultant activities.

We carry out our professional work according to the Basic Regulations, in the following 4 Departments, in several fields, nationally.

Section of Acoustics, acoustics, theater technology
Section of Motion Picture audiovisual (multimedia) technology, film and video distribution
Section of Optics optics, fine mechanics, microtechnology, mechatronics and electronic technology
Section of Noise and Vibration control noise and vibration reduction, air quality protection 

The Association has around 300 members, of which 100 are particularly active members.

The Section of Acoustics maintains close and useful cooperation with several Hungarian organizations, including the Hungarian branch of the Acoustical Engineering Society (AES), the Hungarian Sound Composers' Association (HSAS, formerly HAES) and the Studio Engineering Department of the Communication and Information Science Association (HTE), as well as the Hungarian Theater Technical With Association (MSzTSz).

The department has organized since 2011the Acoustics Professional Day every year, which is free for all interested parties. Professional lectures are given, usually with 80-100 participants, within the framework of a full-day program, grouped around a current topic, building acoustics, room acoustics, electroacoustics, noise protection, music from the field of acoustics and acoustics education. The event provides useful information not only for acoustic specialists, but also for representatives of related professions (architects, sound engineers, musicians, theater technicians, etc.).

The department participated in the international Day of Silence (INAD - International Noise Awareness Day) program and as a member of the ICA (International Commission for Acoustics) joined the IYS2020 (International Year of Sound) 2020 event series, during which a highly successful drawing and a song contest took place.

The Section of Motion Picture continued the processing of the history of Hungarian film distribution, as well as the presentation in documentary materials of the greats of the film industry who are still alive. Their current (long-term) activity focuses on the human innovation of moving image value distribution.

-The first phase of the work is a series of semi-structured interviews to save and document findings, in which the challenges experienced by the profession and the answers given to them are revealed with the key actors of the past half century of motion picture distribution.

- The workshop would start by presenting the collected and edited into film segments, organized experiences and wayfinding methods to the participants, within the framework of which a medium-term strategy for the value distribution of moving images could be developed.

The Section of Optics has been gathering and organizing scientific and educational activities for several decades in the fields of the latest results of optics, instrument development and applications. The members of the Department regularly give lectures not only to the members of the association, but also to high school students, university students, as well as young researchers and doctoral students in various research institutes - e.g. Wigner Physics Research Center, Energy Science Research Center, Computing and Automation Research Institute.The department, together with the research institutes (Wigner Physics Research Center Solid State Physics and Optics Research Institute, Wigner Physics Research Center Particle and Nuclear Physics Research Institute, Energy Science Research Center Technical Physics and Materials Science Research Institute) has organized several laboratory visits and experimental demonstrations for high school students.In cooperation with industrial companies operating in the field of optical instrument development and laser application, it contributes to the flow of information, promoting market utilization and participation in exhibitions and conferences.The department cooperates with the MOM Memorial Foundation. At the "MOM Memorial Conference" organized by the foundation, a highly successful presentation summarized the scientific, technical and technological collaborations between KFKI and MOM from the 1970s until the liquidation of MOM.Together with the Laser Physics Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Eötvös Loránd Physics Society, several symposia were organized on the Hungarian Superlaser program - Extreme Light Infrastructure - (MTA - ELI Symposium, ELI-PP Symposium KFKI - WFK).They keep in touch with the European Optical Society, participate in online discussions, and inform the membership about important events.

The Section of Noise and Vibration Control held its first scientific conference in 1971. It organizes initially every three years, then every year since 1984, its professional scientific conference, in the fields of environmental and sometimes workplace noise protection, vibration protection, noise and vibration reduction.At these events, connected with the exhibition, information is given to the approximately 80-100 participants about professional innovations, legislation, measurement and calculation methods, - in recent years the methods of environmental noise mapping and its usefulness have been highlighted. 

As a non-profit association, the Association's main activity is related to acoustics/noise and vibration protection. Our Association is almost the only domestic non-governmental organization that brings together professionals working in this field. The Noise Abatement Department compiled a professional proposal containing the main points of a noise protection strategy aimed at improving and modernizing domestic noise protection and thereby improving the quality of life of all Hungarians, contacting the relevant ministry.

The department continuously cooperates with the Parliamentary Office of the Future Generations, since 1980 it has participated in the preparation of almost all specialized legislation and in the preparation of professional proposals.

Prepared supporting material for local governments for the preparation of noise reduction action plans based on strategic noise maps.

The “Hagyomány Háza Baráti Köre” has been preparing an annual expert opinion on the environmental noise impact of the “Táncház Napja” cultural event for many years, free of charge.

At the request of municipalities and planning institutes, the department carried out numerous environmental noise tests, prepared impact studies and the noise protection part of licensing plans.

The newsletter (ZAJINFO), which provides extensive information to the membership, provides the membership and interested parties with detailed information on the latest results of the field, newly emerging legislation and the Association's events.

In December 2019, OPAKFI joined the AAAA (Alps Adria Acoustics Association) organization, which aims to ensure regional international cooperation in the Central, Southern and Eastern European region in all areas of acoustics, including research, development, education and standardization. AAAA regularly organizes regional symposia every two years. The 9th conference of the AAAA took place on September 23-24, 2021 in Budapest under the joint organization of OPAKFI's Acoustics and Noise and Vibration Reduction departments. Co-organizers were the Herman Ottó Intézet Nonprofit Kft., and AAAA's Croatian and Slovenian partners: HAD (Acoustical Society of Croatia) and SDA (Slovenian Acoustical Society).

The 65 participants of the conference came from Hungary and typically from the surrounding countries (Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland), but to our great pleasure from more distant countries (Italy, North Macedonia, Norway, the Republic of South Africa).

The topic of the conference covered many areas of acoustics, the presentations were given in 8 sections: room acoustics, electroacoustics, building acoustics, virtual acoustics, acoustics in education, environmental noise, noise and vibration protection, noise measurement and modeling.

Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology

Founded in 1933

President: Dr.Lupkovics Gábor
Secretary general: Kvojka Ferenc
Chair of the Scientific Committee: Dr.Balogh Géza
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr.Füredi Károly
Board members: Becsei Katalin, Urbin Ágnes


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Section of Acoustics

President: Beáta Mesterházy
Secretary general: Zsuzsanna Alabárdos
Board members: Géza Balogh, Gergely Borsi, Zoltán Horváth, Attila Balázs Nagy

Section of Motion Picture

President: Bence Képessy
Board members:: László Babiczky, Károlyné Borhi

Section of Optics

President: Dr. Aladár Czitrovszky
Secretary general: Ákos Antal
Board members: András Podmaniczky, Tamás Abonyi, Gábor Lupkovics

Section of Noise and Vibration Control

President: András Muntag
Secretary general: Miklós Márkus
Board members: Mária Ropoliné Lázár, Ágnes Póta, Ferenc Kvojka

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